Kappe land

The memories we would rather forget

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"Kappe land (translated: Chopping land)" is the name of an old children's game where the goal is to steal land by using a knife. In this play we are reminded of how large-scale global politics can affect a smal mountain village deep in Nordland.

Recent research shows that stress and trauma from extreme experiences can affect us at the cellular level and be transmitted from one generation to the next. What happens when an entire village is traumatized?

The play is performed in Norwegian/South-sami and subtitled in English.

About the play

6. September 1942, a large bang erupts at Tangen close to Majavatn. The Gestapo is on the trail of the resistance movement. Men from the Linge-company lie in ambush. It will be a bloody skirmish.

Foto: Bjørn Leirvik

In the eye of the storm, we find Gustav Kappfjell, a young man at the wrong place at the wrong time. During the occupation days in 1940, Gustav fought bravely side by side with many young men from the region, but now he is sick and tired of war and misery. He just wants to live in peace with nature.

Fifty years later, Gustav stands at Majavatn station, where a young German woman fleeing her own childhood traumas gets off the train. She is looking for answers, and Gustav is forced back to the dramatic days of war, - to the memories he would rather forget.

Suitable for 12 years and up.

Foto: Hilde Karin Skreslett

Historical Background

In 1942, the German Gestapo tracked down the resistance movement, and it all culminated in skirmishes at Majavatn in the autumn of 1942. This led to a local upheaval where 24 men from Helgeland and 10 resistance men in Trondheim were executed in Falstad camp on 8 and 9 October 1942 .

Kappe land has been created through research and interviews, and the historical facts have been treated with respect and accuracy based on available sources.

War Travels

Kappe land is a part of Bodø2024 capital of culture project War Travels, which seeks to dramatize the region's under-communicated and intimate war stories along the Nordland Railway.

WAR TRAVELS will not only remind us of the effects of war on people and society, but also of how our past, present and future are intricately intertwined.

War Travels also include: Sona/Zona, Granitt, Narvik and In the Garden of Arctic.

War Travels Pass

If you wish to catch the entire War Travels program in July and August 2024, the War Travel pass is recommended for only 675 NOK. The pass gives entry to all War Travels performances as long as there are available seats, with the exception of Walk In the Garden of Arctic to Engabreen.

If you want to reserve a place, send us an email with the date and title of the performances you want to see, and we'll fix it.

A limited number of passes are on sale now.

Duration 70 min
By Ketil Kolstad
Director Hanne Brincker
Scenic and Costume Designer Anna Widén
Composer Frode Fjellheim
Lighting Designer Johan Haugen
Cast Bernt Bjørn, Katja Brita Lindeberg, Kristoffer Hjulstad og Lucas Sørensen Junger
Production manager (2024) Karoline Solbakken
Stage & Tour Manager Isabella Flått
Costume Makers Halvard Leirvik og Kari-Britt Nilsen
Stage Manager & Smith Herlof Øverdal
Carpenter Magne Jøsevold
Master of Props Grete Larssen
Sound Technician Aksel Bakken
Lightning Technician Fredrik Warvik
Text Technician Yngvild Keilen
Make-Up Artist Tove Solbakk
Marketing Trine Rimer, Hilde Karin Skreslett, Tove Hovind, Tina Ditlefsen og Yngvild Keilen
Tour Manager Jim Ove Marthinussen
Translator (South Sami) Lena Kappfjell
In collaboration with Bodø2024
Supported by Samfunnsløftet
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